website design in Jacksonville, FL
- Standard American Web™

Yes, we do

Website Design

  • Time Line
    - 2-4 wks
  • Lease
    - $250p/month*
  • Purchase Scale
    - $700-$6,000
WordPress development in Jacksonville, FL
- Standard American Web™

We Also Do

WordPress Development

  • Time Line
    - 3-8 wks
  • Lease
    - $350p/Month*
  • Purchase Scale
    - $1,500-$8,000
Shopify development Done-For-You in Jacksonville, FL.
- Standard American Web™

Don't Forget

Shopify Development

  • Time Line
    - 3-4 Wks
  • Lease
    - 200 p/Month*
  • Purchase Scale
    - $700-$3,000
SoLoMo web packages in Jacksonville, FL.
- Standard American Web™

We're The Best At

Social Local Mobile

  • Time Line
    - 3 Months
  • SoLoMo
    - $2,500
  • With A Website
    - $1,500
search engine optimization specialist in Jacksonville, FL.
- Standard American Web™

We're Great At

Search Engine Optimization

  • Time Line
    - 3-6 Months
  • Lease
    - Not Applicable
  • Purchase Option
    - Start @ $300p/m
Online Reputation Management in Jacksonville, FL.
- Standard American Web™

We Also Handle

Reputation Mngmt

  • Timeline
    - 6 monts or A Year
  • Lease
    - $350-$2,000
  • Purchase Option
    - $350-$2,000
You can hire our staff and add them to your staff in Jacksonville, FL.
- Standard American Web™

Hire Our

Off-Site Staffing

  • Web Designer
    - Starting & $300p/Month
  • Web Developer
    - Starting & $500p/Month
  • Webmaster
    - Starting & $350p/Month
- Promotional Product

Our Sale On

Shopify Done4U

  • Timeline
    - 2-3 wks
  • Lease
    - Not Available
  • Purchase Price
    - Just $699
About Us
About Us

About Us

Award Winning


Years Of

Yes, we know our prices are actually on our front page; at the top of the page to make things worse. You might be wondering why would we place our prices at the top of the front page of our website when all our competitors hide their prices? Well, our answer is, "We were just wondering why our competitors don't do the same? What exactly do they have to hide?"

Our prices can not be considered cheap, but we are affordable. Some of our competitors offer that (cheap) but BEWARE because most times you get exactly what you paid for. What we offer are quality and premium products and services for an affordable price. We set our prices below the national average for a web design and development company of our size to make us competitive in our local markets. But when you tally in the fact that the professionals at Standard American Web have won over 30 awards in our related industry over the last 5 years; we believe our clients are getting more than a value; they are getting a "steal-of-a-deal" and most of them agree with us.

Standard American Web™ Consulting and eMarketing has been the leader in providing businesses a unique and profit-driven online presence in website design & WordPress development. We're sure you can tell that we're a different type of web design & development company. "We are a 'Full-Stack web consulting firm' and we build amazing websites; plain and simple. Let's talk? Give us a call 1(877)777-2397 .


what we do

Our Services

We design and develop services for businesses of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web development services and online stores. We help businesses make money online through their most important asset, their website! We empower our clients and their businesses in the Jacksonville, FL areas.

web designer icon

Web Design

We design, plan, create and code internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, and video clips. We are responsible for creating the design, layout, and "feel" of a website or web page for the user. We can also work on a brand new website or updating an already existing sites.

web developer icon


We develop, create and maintain websites. We are also responsible for the site's technical aspects, such as its performance and capacity, which are measures of a website's speed and how much traffic the site can handle. In addition, we try to provide the best website functions for our client's customers to maximize their user experience with their company.

search engine optimization icon

Search Engine Optimization

Google bots, Schema, Rich snippets, microdata, algorithms, niche, SEO strategies, GMB, white hat, backlinks, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird; basically a lot of terms way too intense for a small business owner. You will be better off leaving that headache to the professionals at Standard American Web™.


Affordable Websites

Chose from one of our over 600 pre-built microsites and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Welcome to Beta Epsilon Studio of Standard American Web™, the most complete, comprehensive, and flexible HTML pre-built microsites. With more than 600 pre-made, ready-to-use layouts, this is the perfect HTML solution for a huge variety of markets and business types. Simply choose the theme and we will add your images, data, and content.

Every pre-built microsite is fully responsive and retina-ready, so your vision is guaranteed to look great and work perfectly on any device.

Affordable website for only $699


Feedback from
our clients

"When it comes to all my website needs; I only trust and use Standard American Web™. They work fast and get it done correctly the first time!"

Tim Walls
Owner of WGUD TV

"Everything was better than I expected and they were so helpful in guiding me to make sure that I had the best site available."

Pastor Charles Miskell
Pastor of Greater Mount Rest

"My website design looks fresh and up to date. I suggested some changes too but all the work were done by the web designers from Standard American Web Designs. If not for them, my site will still look messy and not up to date."

Gary Morison
Business Owner
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